Beginning vs finale and Message


There us plenty foreshadowing of Tyler and the narrator sharing the same body such as the iconic phrase “I know this because Tyler knows this”.
At first, it seems like a really odd way of saying, that they tell each other everything, but as we find out that they are literally the same person, the phrasing makes so much more sense.
Then there’s also the fact that Tyler would disappear the second Marla would enter the room, because it wouldn’t make sense for Marla, Tyler and the narrator to interact, since Tyler and the narrator are the same person.


Fight club tells us we are not free because of the things we think are important. What is the meaning behind that statement. Its because we as people try to complete life by owning the newest and most expensive material. What they are trying to say is that its wrong to think that we will complete life by consuming materials and possessions that surround us, if we as people aren't complete either physically or most important mentally.